Rick L Crosby

Rick L Crosby

There are so many people who don’t waste their time in unnecessary things such as social work. They don’t think about the needs of poor people and never offer them helping hands. This is something really painful state where a human being has reached. They get chances to provide their helping hands to needy people but they avoid taking part in such activities. They use their time and money in improving their lives. They are running behind the money and they are busy in making money. But still, there are so many kind people exist in this world and they are far better than such selfish people. Rick L Crosby is among such genuine and generous people who have devoted their lives for the sake of welfare of society.



Rick L Crosby is a famous real estate developer and I have read a lot about him. He has achieved a lot of fame, wealth and respect from the other people. He is really very humble and kind personality. His efforts towards social welfare are countless. He thinks, social service is his duty and everyone takes such responsibilities when it comes to improving lives of poor and needy people. We are the human beings and supposed to help each other but we just help ourselves. This is ridiculous.


When a busy person like Rick L Crosby can do such noble acts and take some time for social services from his hectic life, then why we common people cannot do it. we can take initiative in improving the lives of poor people better like Rick Crosby and his wife. They both are devoted towards social services. They try to find out the new ways to get connected with the needy people who really need their help. Words are not enough to praise their efforts.


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