Rick Lee Crosby Jr: Most Generous Man

Rick Lee Crosby Jr: Most Generous Man

When people become so rich and reached to a high level, they don’t think about others as they have no time. They are too busy to give helping hand to poor and needy people. They lead a luxurious life and maintain a status in society. It makes them happy. They think they are living but actually they are dead. They can’t feel the pain of others; it means they are heartless and emotionless.

But still there are some people who are real gem. Rick Lee Crosby Jr is among such kind people who are very rich and successful, but still have time for good and noble acts. He is not wasting his money and time in leading a luxurious life and world tour. He is having a happy life without it.

Rick Lee Crosby Jr gets real happiness after helping someone who is really in need. He wants to make every poor and needy person happy and satisfied with his/her life. He is a reputed and well known real estate developer but his world is not limited to his family. He thinks that every human being is associated with other human beings so we should respect and help each other. This is the only thing that I like about him.

He has been consistently working for the poor people for long time. Even his wife also contributes in such social activities. He and his wife are the members of some reputed organization and charitable trusts. They both can be the real example of humanity. They both are kind, selfless and generous.

I think we all should take their life as a great inspirational lesson. They both motivate us and offer a real sense of our lives. I really appreciate their way of living and efforts that they are making for social welfare.


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