Rick Lee Crosby Jr: A Generous Man

Rick Lee Crosby Jr: A Generous Man

Rick Lee Crosby Jr: A Generous Man

We have become equipped with all the modern facility, luxuries and technologies but still we have not become real human beings. We have become selfish as we don’t think about helping someone else other than our loved ones. There is a world of poor and needy people who seek help from rich people but nobody cares. We human beings should think about each other and help each other but we have become so selfish and self centered. We earn only to get luxuries and comfortable life. If we can help someone we should. Helping others is really a good thing that motivates you to have a happy life and think same for others

It may sound disappointing but this is true that 75% people of this world are selfish and have no feelings for others. If some people do some good things for poor and needy people they do it to get something in return. But still there are some people like Rick Lee Crosby Jr who understands the pain of poor and needy people and help them without expecting anything in return. He thinks that every human being is special and needs happiness and fulfillment in life. he tries to make everyone’s life happy and content.

Rick Lee Crosby Jr has offered employment opportunities to so many such poor people who want to work but don’t get employment opportunities. He offered those handsome wages and motivational support. He is the man of values who understands the pain of others and tries to be a source of their happiness. This is something that motivates lots of people to be like him. His wife is also very kind who contributes towards such noble deeds and try to be the part of noble acts. they both have got registered with so many reputed organizations.


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