Rick Crosby: The Kindest Person

Rick Crosby: The Kindest Person

Rick Crosby: The Kindest Person

I don’t try to help someone unless someone ask me for it but now my opinion has changed. I have started helping people who are in need. This change is caused by someone who is none other than a kind and generous personality named Rick Crosby. He is a real estate developer and more than a person who does outstanding works for the sake of happiness of poor and needy people.


He is not limited to fulfilling the wishes of his family, relatives or friends; he has covered the entire world. He never hesitates in offering helping hands to needy people. He has gained fame, wealth and respect in his life but rather than thinking about his own luxuries he loves to work for others. His life can be a message for various people. He is such a motivational person who teaches us a lesson of morality and generosity. We can learn lots of good human values from him. He is a human being in real sense. He is not the only person from his family who is associated in social activities but his wife also contributes in such activities. I am really impressed with him and his wife.


He provides employment opportunities to lots of needy and poor people. He tries to get behind the eyeballs of others and feel their pain. He offers his helping hand to the people who need help of someone. He does not only help them but offers them motivation and encourage them to live their life successfully. He always emphasizes on the need to help poor and needy people. He helps people unconditionally without expecting anything in return. This is what I call a real and pure spirit of working something for welfare of others. This is something that can encourage everyone to help others.


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